Computer Centre
Computer Centre of the University of Kerala was setup in 1977 for providing computer facilities for the research activities in the university. Being the only centre in South India with mainframe computing facilities, it attracted researchers from far and wide. In the present IT era the centre took up new challenges in the field of IT enabling of University administration. The centre meticulously follows the principles of business process redesign as a prerequisite of IT enabling. The centre has repositioned itself as a software development centre catering to the needs of the higher education sector of the nation. University Computer Centre is located near the administration block in the Palayam campus . Computer Centre is handling many IT projects for the University.

Role of Directors
Sl No. Name Period
From To
1. Dr. Amiya Kumar Pujari 25/03/1977 23/07/1986
2. Sri. Leon Mohanraj 24/07/1986 31/11/1988
3. Sri. P.M. John(In-charge) 01/12/1988 31/07/1990
4. Dr. Amiya Kumar Pujari 01/08/1990 24/12/1996
5. Sri. Leon Mohanraj 26/12/1996 31/03/1999
6. Sri.Shajahan M. 01/04/1999 31/07/2001
7. Dr. V. Ajayakumar 01/08/2001 25/10/2006
8. Sri. K.C. Premchandran 26/10/2006 05/12/2006
9. Dr. V. Ajayakumar 06/12/2006 31/03/2011
10. Sri. K.L. James 01/04/2011 08/05/2011
11. Dr. Vinod Chandra S.S. 09/05/2011 till date
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Computer Centre, University of Kerala
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