Our Services

The focus of Computer Centre is to provide state-of-the-art technical support to the University in its Academic, Administrative, Examination and Research related activities using the latest technologies and applications using open source technologies. Our major services are grouped under the following heads.


Acts as a single point of consultancy for all IT related projects including software, hardware, networking, digitization, archiving, web enabling, data integration, data mining, e-governance, e-learning, etc.

Hardware Support

Acts as a single point of support for all hardware related activities such as designing, procuring, installing, interfacing, troubleshooting and maintaining of IT devices and peripherals.

IT Solutions

Provide complete, latest and cost-effective solution to all IT enabled activities in the University. The solution includes the complete software project management process from requirements analysis to implementation and maintenance.

Software Development

To develop, configure and implement necessary software for different office and examination activities with a view to improve productivity, reduce expenses, increase transparency and extend anywhere and anytime working.

IT Training

Conduct training programmes in the field of IT usage, IT management, and e-governance activities.

Web Services

To provide complete web services, support for online activities, site hosting, online learning, online examinations, etc.

Open Source Implementation

To provide support for open source technologies and implementations and to encourage their use in the University activities.